About Me


Johnny Angal hails from Gilbert Arizona.  He was transplanted to Arizona as a young man from California. Having the wide open Arizona desert and mountain’s surrounding him, he and his friends wore out plenty of dirt bikes, 3-wheelers and ATVs.

After putting in his time and building a few different businesses, Angal headed out to the Glamis sand dunes for his vacation getaways. Needing a backup ride for the sand dunes, he purchased a Polaris RANGER. As things progressed, the next ground-breaking UTV on the market was the Polaris RZR and Angal started yet another Business selling UTV Performance parts.

Angal has put tens of thousands of miles on his personal RZRs over the years; even going on one ride that lasted 23 days and 4800 miles across the United States; started thinking about desert racing while building a race RZR for a customer. Then, while attending the race, just to see what it was like, decided he was in.

Racing his first race in May, 2014 he quickly pulled behind the race leader. Even after three flat tires and a seventh place finish, he was hooked and his rookie season had started! His second race was a fourth Place finish at the Score International Baja 500 and at the end of his sixth race, his team were the Official 2014 Baja 1000 Class 1900 1st place winners.

Johnny Angal and his team won the 2015 Best In The Desert Class 1900 Pro UTV Overall Points Championship in their Polaris RZR XP Turbo model.