BITD Parker 425 Race Report : Class 6100

Best in the Desert Parker 425

Polaris RZR Race Report Racing The Geiser Spec Trophy Truck

by: Johnny Angal /

Polaris-RZR-Parker425-UTVinc-Johnny Angal-Geiser (5)

Well I started desert racing just over a year and a half ago in a Polaris RZR and to my surprise (and in my eyes) I did pretty well. After about 10 months I started getting the itch and was thinking I wanted to race something a bit faster. When I got into racing the Polaris RZR my friends at Geiser Brothers had helped me a lot with stupid questions and were always willing to help. So when I got that itch the Geiser’s pretty much had sealed the deal before I even started shopping. They are known for building the most race winning trucks in the world. So after a couple of weeks of “This is what I want.” and “How much is this going to set me back?” They started working on a slightly used Geiser truck that I had purchased thru them. One of the things that was a deal breaker for me was the truck had King Racing shocks on it. After dealing with Fox Shocks, racing with them and the support they had provided me I would not buy the truck with the Kings on it. We came to an agreement where they would keep the Kings and they installed new Fox Racing Shox for me.

Well my plan was to race the Score International Races in Baja in the Truck and my new Polaris RZR XP Turbo car in the Best in the Desert races. The 2015 race season was just about over when I got this brilliant ideal. Since Polaris RZR is pretty much the definition of off road these days, I asked my contact at Polaris if he thought they might be interested in sponsoring a Spec Trophy Truck in the races. “Pipe Dream, Ya Right, wake up, You’re dreaming etc. etc.” Now remember, I have never raced anything other than my Polaris RZR so why would I think they would be remotely interested? Well low and behold they came back and said “Yes”! Not only that but they wanted to be the TITLE SPONSOR!!! I couldn’t believe it, me, going to my first race, with a title sponsor how cool is that! Thank you Polaris for all the love and support.

Polaris-RZR-Parker425-UTVinc-Johnny Angal-Geiser (1)

Anyway, I get the truck and head out to the desert for the first time. I am impressed! It’s crazy smooth and faster than I thought it would be. Next time I head out with Rick Geiser to “Geiser loop”. It’s a little testing loop on the north side of Phoenix. Well Rick lets me drive around the loop a couple of times giving me pointers here and there and then asks if I want him to drive? This way I can see what the truck will do. So we swap seats and I will admit after about 30 seconds I was looking for something to hold on to in the truck. My Catholic upbringing was back in full effect as I was praying to Jesus and thinking to myself ‘no freaking way’ as we repeatedly hit water bars that crossed the road at 90 plus MPH and flew a 100 plus feet thru the air! When he was done I mustarded enough thought to ask ‘So was that what you think race speed is going to be?’ His answer being “YEP!” Oh shit, I am in trouble, I thought to myself without trying to show the trepidation and anxiety that just entered my mind.


So I am thinking I need a lot more seat time because these guys are crazy! There is no way I am going to even be in the race. I just spent A LOT of money for that lesson. So I go out again and again even sneaking out Christmas Day to get seat time. My first race is going to be the San Felipe 250 and it’s a brutal race course. I start thinking maybe I should race the Parker 425 and get some real race experience. So I set that plan into motion but in the back of my mind I know I can’t race the whole 425 miles myself. All the racers I know are UTV racers. Who out of that group should I trust my life savings with that are now in the form of a race truck? Who do I know that is a safe, fast racer? Well I blame most of this racing addiction on one guy. This is the guy who hooked me up with my first RZR to turn into a race car. I also think how cool would it be to turn the tables on him since he also races a RZR and is pretty fast. I have chased him for miles in the desert, he hooked me up with a RZR, he works for my Title Sponsor and he can learn a lot from racing a truck as his Job is the General Manager of Polaris Off Road! So I send a text message to Craig Scanlon and ask if he wants to race with me. I tell him I only have one stipulation: you must fly out from Minnesota to practice and get seat time in the truck. He mulls it over, talks with his co-driver and says they are in! I think how cool this is, we are going to have a great time. So he does everything I asked: flies out for practice and for the pre run. My guys start getting the truck figured out and again Rick and Jeff Geiser go above and beyond helping us out with everything.

Polaris-RZR-Parker425-UTVinc-Johnny Angal-Geiser (4)

Okay, you are here because you want to know what it’s was like to race a truck don’t you?

Ok, fuck everything, we will get right to it! I won’t say “Thanks” to all my great sponsors like Polaris, Fox Shox, Method Race Wheels, Rigid Industries, Wolf Designs, CR Designs, Geiser Brothers, Howe Power Steering, Danzio Performance, Kroyer Racing, etc.

So race day is here! We line up around at 12 in the afternoon and the race starts at 1:30PM. I am ready but I’m also a bit on the scared, nervous, concernedantsy, on edge, tense side but I know as soon as we are off the line adrenaline will take over and I will be fine.

We line up at 12 noon and head to the start downtown on the streets of Parker AZ around 1pm in the afternoon. We slowly start edging forward to the starting line. I am starting 23rd in my class and that’s behind about 120 cars and trucks that started in front of me. We start getting closer to the starting line and I think to myself ‘Should I just floor the truck and do a big nasty burn out when the flag drops?’ or ‘I should ease into it so I don’t break anything on the starting line.’ We pull up to the start line and we are next Casey, the gentleman that puts the races on, he shakes our hands and 30 seconds later we are off!

Polaris-RZR-Parker425-UTVinc-Johnny Angal-Geiser (6)

You’re thinking ‘Johnny floored that truck and did a smokey burnout’, right? Nah, as bad as I wanted to I eased into like an adult and yes I’m still thinking what a wussy! Anyhow we are off and racing! I am excited, I am pumped, holy shit, let’s do this! I take it easy on the black top section and off into the dirt. I push the go pedal down hard and the motor roars to life. It’s loud and I LOVE it! Boner, my co-driver/navigation man, and I start hanging the back of the truck out as we slide around corners and off the first jump. WOOHOOOO! Air time, that was so badass! I think to myself ‘Damn that was bad ass!’ We are doing around 90 mph now and I feel great. Boner is sitting next to me calling out turns, we are flying and I love it! We make it to about a 2 mile long straight away and I catch my first truck. I should just pull right up to him and give him a bump so he gets out of my way but I’m a little scared even though everybody does it. So I sit behind him for 30 seconds or so and then the course widens out a bit and I go for the pass! I tell yah, I’m sorry for the language but I’m really fucking excited at this point. First race, my first pass, hell yes! I am back in the gas with the pedal pinned on the floor. 80mph… 85mph… 90mph… 95mph! Oh my god! Boner and I bust knuckles as we fly down the road over jumps and bumps with the truck pitching back and forth because we are in the groves of the other racers ahead of us. At mile marker ~4 we go down a big sand hill and into the wash. There is a hard right handed turn that now has a couple of huge bumps in it where dirt has piled up about 4 feet tall. We hit the first bump and the front end of the truck springs up in the air and then straight down into the next pile of dirt. The front of our truck digs into it then springs back up, throwing a wall of sand and gravel into the air that we drive into. We are now covered with sand and gravel but you know what? None of that matters because as I came down the hill I saw the next truck in front of me just turning that same corner. I thought to myself ‘oh yes, I’m going to pass another truck in the first few miles of the race.’ I pull behind him pretty fast and you can just call me “The Gentleman Racer” because at first it looks like he sees me and is going to pull over but he doesn’t. I don’t pull up and bump him as we are getting pelted by rocks and gravel coming off his tires but I’m not going to let him go. He sees me, slows and pulls to the side so I can pass. so I floor the truck and go for the pass, hell yes, two down! I am now floored again and the truck engine is screaming! As I let off the gas pedal for the next corner… uh? What the hell…? I let off the gas but the truck is still screaming! I hit the brakes and hit the ignition switch to shut the truck down and pull off the race course. I tell boner the throttle pedal is stuck so he unbuckles his harnesses and crawls to my side and pulls the pedal up and frees it? I’m not sure what happened but its working now, so I start the truck up and he starts buckling up his harnesses as the two trucks that I had passed go roaring by us. ‘Damn’ I think to myself but we are off again.

Polaris-RZR-Parker425-UTVinc-Johnny Angal-Geiser (9) Polaris-RZR-Parker425-UTVinc-Johnny Angal-Geiser (8) Polaris-RZR-Parker425-UTVinc-Johnny Angal-Geiser (7) Polaris-RZR-Parker425-UTVinc-Johnny Angal-Geiser (2)

I catch the first truck again pretty quick and get passed him but the second one is churning up a dust storm ahead of us. This is now a going to be a little harder to pass but I am thinking around race mile 15 or so I can get around him. We keep charging hard thru the dust and there really is no wind blowing, so it makes it difficult to catch and pass people. We slowly catch up and pass a few more racers. We are now on a graded road section and I am moving pretty good. 80 to 100 mph at times! I don’t make it all the way around one of the tighter corners and Boner and I plow a big pile of dirt on the edge of the road. We both take an extremely hard jolt to our bodies and I think I just wrecked this truck. I hit the gas and we are off and moving, everything must be okay. I ask Boner “Are you okay?”, he says “Yes!” and we go back to work. Shortly thereafter I am a going a little too fast again and I come around a corner over corrected and we are sliding sideways at 60 mph. I end up doing a 180 and facing the wrong way on the side of the course. I hit the gas as a truck flies by us and I get us back in the race.  We are now eating his dust and of course I yell a bit at poor Boner and tell him to call the corners sooner! However, it was pretty much my fault as I was in control of the truck, not him.


Anyway, the first lap goes great and as we pit they tell us we are in 5th place and doing great. A quick drink of Gatorade and a couple folded up pieces of ham that they hand us is a welcomed treat but we have to get going. We pull out of the pits and as we come around the corner a full on Trophy Truck gets in front of us and Mills Motorsports V10 truck is right behind us. As we leave the speed zone of the pits we all hit the gas about the same time and you can feel the couple thousand horsepower roar to life, consuming fossil fuels at the rate of about 2MPG each! I stick to the truck ahead of me like glue for about ½ a mile. I see the Mills Motorsports truck right on my ass too. I know he has about 400 more horse power then I do, so I pull off the course doing about 80mph to let him pass. About half way thru the second lap I did get to pull up and bump a truck to get him to move. About that same time I was thinking to myself ‘God damn it got rough out here.’  Or, maybe I was thinking ‘I don’t know if I am cut out for this?’ I am getting the shit beat out of me! I really could not believe how tore up the race course had become. It was unreal. I also started to think poor Craig he’s going to race the last lap and boy is he in for a beating, he is going to hate me!


We had some fueling issues during the second lap that set us back to 8th or 9th place but I really don’t know. At the time I was so beat down I didn’t really care I just wanted out of the truck. As we pulled into the pits I jumped out and told Craig “It’s really rough out there, be careful.” Craig and his Co-driver Keith did a great job on keeping it together on the brutal course. After it was all said and done we finished in 8th place. Thanks guys! I am extremely happy with our first race finish and for a couple of guys with not a lot of seat time and having only raced our Polaris RZRs before I know we will get it down.


Huge thank you to everybody that helped make this happen for us!

Pit crew guys from Jagged X, High Lifter and my guy’s thank you all so much!

Boner, Craig, Keith, and the team at Polaris RZR, thank you!

Mad Media, 239 Films, Casey and the crew from Best in The Desert and all my fellow racers, thank you!

Jeff and Rick Geiser as well as the entire Geiser crew, thank you.

Fox Shox, Method Race Wheels, BFG Tires, Wolf Designs, Fiber Worx, Gear Works, Kroyer Racing, Danzio Performance, Lonestar Racing, ITP Tires, Impact Racing, Master Craft Racing, Ron Davis radiators, Pyrotech, Brembo Brakes, Aeromotive, Wire fab … Thank you all so much and a big thank you to all of those I always forget, Sorry …

IMG_1452 IMG_1451

“Boner” is Eric Ringler

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2015 Score Baja 500 Race Report

‪#‎PolarisRZR‬ Racing ‪#‎ITP‬ ‪#‎UTVinc‬ – POLARIS RZR  – ITP TIRE BAJA 500 RACE REPORT

I honestly don’t even know where to start this one …

At the beginning of the 2015 season Score International had said there would be two Baja 500 races this year and we could race either one of them. I had the understanding that you didn’t have to race both of them. I was under the impression that the best finish from the two races would apply towards the season’s point’s championship. We finished with a strong third place at the first race (Baja Sur 500) but we knew with the guys we were racing against that might not be good enough. We decided to try and better a third place finish at the Baja 500. So, we started prepping and planning our best race yet all the while knowing that we needed to better our third place finish.

The team got the car cleaned up from the Silver State 300 race and started working on it as things came up. I told them “I don’t care what we need to change or replace I want it 100%, every time!” As the race drew close I knew that nothing had been over looked or considered ‘good enough’. It was the best we could do, nothing short of that. About two weeks prior to the race Branden Sims, Eric Ringler, Craig Hammar and myself loaded up a couple of Polaris RZR’s and headed down to Baja for some pre running. We started right outside of Mexicali and finished the first day at race mile 300, when we were done we headed over to Horse Power Ranch for the night. During the trip Branden and I cannot help but reminisce over our past races. Every hour or so I would remind him of a race that I got lucky and passed him in. To which he would reply with “Yah, but remember I won the Brand New Polaris RZR at the UTV World Championship” and I quickly shut up as he put me back in my place. The next day we head back to race mile 300 to start pre running Branden Sims’ section of the race course. As it turns out I kept teasing him that my 270 mile section was brutal and his was a smooth rally road. Neither of us really cared as long as we got to race! We had a good time pre running and again had zero problems with our two Polaris RZR XP 1000’s. So we loaded up and headed back to El Centro California for a fine dinner at Jack in the Box. As we ate at this fine dining establishment they were providing some music to enhance our dining experience when in walks a young presumably stoned young man. He stood in front of the counter for a moment, staring at the menu. Then all of the sudden the music and Baby Jesus overtook all control of his body! He started shaking, then he did a hand stand, a quick backflip and some other crazy convolution moves as he danced his way into the parking lot. He obviously was needing more room to let loose! We finished our meals and all agreed not to drink the water in El Centro. From here we decided head to the hotel room for the night and then back home tomorrow.
As race day nears we take our Polaris RZR XP 4 1000 racer to Wolf Designs to get a new wrap installed so the car is looking sharp for the Baja 500. Thursday Moring rolls around and we all meet at my place at 5AM to head out to the Baja 500. Along the way we happen to meet up with the LoneStar Racing Team of Cody Nygren and Dan Fisher. We caravan thru the border with them arriving around 1PM to our favorite taco stand for some tacos. After lunch we then head to the hotel to get unloaded and pre run the start and finish 40 miles or so of the race course. You can only pre run on Thursday or Friday so Branden and I jump in the race car. I drive my section out and he drives his section back in. Our Polaris RZR XP 1000 is feeling great! We call it a day and head back to our rooms to get some rest for the big weekend we have ahead of us.

Friday: Nate gets up early and takes our car to contingency at 6AM. We sit there until the line starts moving around 10AM. It does move very fast so we get all done around 3PM. I think to myself ‘Next time I’m getting in line at 3PM when the line is moving and we should be done by 6PM’, did I mention I hate standing or sitting in line?

Saturday: So race day is finally upon us! We meet outside at 7:30AM, I have already been at the coffee shop having my morning coffee, so I walk back to the hotel. We send the first truck off to Ojos approx. race mile 35 just in case we need something as we are heading out of town. I head back to the hotel room to put my race suit on and relax for a few minutes before I need to strap into the race car for the next 8 or so hours. We are told to line up at 8:30AM, so about 9AM I head over to line up, remember I hate waiting, LOL. Anyway… We are supposed to be off the starting line around 11:00AM but a car that started the race before us has spun out and hit a power pole. So now we have to wait even longer, I am guessing it was right around Noon when we started.
The green flag dropped and we started 6th off the line. I was feeling great and figured I would take it easy for the first 30 or so miles as we are leaving town. Around mile 25 we all got stopped behind a few racers that where getting stuck on a small hill section. We had to stop and wait in line for our turn to go up! Well, most of us waited in line… Cognito (#1918) figured they didn’t have to as they drove passed a bunch of us waiting in line. As they pulled up and realized we were not waiting for sandwiches and iced cold beverages they cut in front of Cory Sappington, who then proceeded to give the Cognito car a bump to push him forward a bit. I was sitting back and enjoying the show as a couple of pissed off locals tossed rocks at the Cognito car. As the hill cleared, the pile of cars was caused by Cognito passing everybody. It kind of helped us out as the truck in front of Cognito didn’t move and they couldn’t get around. Cory (Desert Toyz) passed them and I followed Cory up the hill. Due to the traffic jam going into Ojos we were all packed together pretty tight for the next 80 miles or so to La Rumorosa. We were eating dust the whole way and around that area we made it to La Rumorosa Hill and where the first ones down. While racing through a rocky section we got passed by Wayne Matlock as he picked a little smoother section right around race mile 130. He beat us to the pits at race mile 145 where we stopped for fuel and have the guys check our car over as it had been making a ticking noise. They checked the car over and we pulled out about a minute after Matlock. After a few miles we caught him back while they were both out of his car checking something out.

The next 40 or so miles was a brutal, nasty, whooped out section straight from Hell. We took the beating and pushed hard to make sure we could get the car to my co-driver Branden at race mile 270. Anyhow, right around race mile 200ish my car just died. We coasted off the track with some of the worst noises we have ever heard it make. We jumped out of the car as the smoke was pouring out of the side of the hole in the transmission. We call the guys in the chase truck to tell them we had blown the transmission and to haul ass to get to us. Little did we know it would take the guys two and a half hours to get to finally make it us at race mile 200.

In the mean time I started a camp fire to ward off the Chupacabra’ and keep us warm. It was about 99 degrees outside in the sun still but I was bored. I heard the next UTV coming and knew they now would be the race leaders. I ran out to the race track, unzipped my fire suit, and shot him the MOON ass, we would call it trying to distract and cheer him on, LOL, and I’ll never grow up.
So as we sat there looking at the car and trying to trap rats for dinner, I noticed our transmission fill plug had come out. This caused us to lose all of our transmission oil and take us out of the race.

What a way to go. You can only imagine how something like this would make you feel.

Back to the beginning of the story; I figured we already had a third place from the first Baja Sur 500 race and knowing that we would not beat that finish there was no reason to change the transmission and continue on. So we packed up and towed the car out of the desert. We headed to the finish line to see how everybody did. We ended up talking with the Murray’s at the finish line and they asked what had happened. I told them the story and they proceeded to tell me that Score changed the rules on the throw out race. Now you can throw out any race during the season. With that new information I knew I had just made the biggest mistake that might cost us the season championship… Damn, I have been kicking myself for the last few days wishing we would have swapped the transmission and finished the race. It’s a little too late now so we will just have to win the next two races!

Thank You Polaris RZR, UTV INC, Lone Star Racing, Method Wheels, ITP Tires, Wolf Designs, Rigid Lights, and everybody else that plays the tiniest part in our race program.

Without you we wouldn’t be racing!

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2015 Vegas To Reno Race Report

Vegas To Reno 2015 Polaris RZR Turbo ITP Tire Race Report – Johnny Angal 1921

As I sit here less than 2 days after a none stop storm tryin to turn a 2016 Polaris RZR Turbo in to a off road race car my neck is sore, my stomach, back, arms, shoulders, teeth, jaw, hands well you get the Idea but let me tell you not just me but after the race when you see all your fellow racers slowly climbing out of their race cars after 10 12 15 hours of getting tossed around in the race car, sweeting, you have a death grip on the steering wheel as the car gets bashed, you bottom out in large washes and the g-forces pound your spine and every joint and muscle in your body and after the first 100 miles you asking your self what the hell was I thinking ? what am I doing here ?

Well this race was a pretty special race for me and my Team after winning the Baja 1000 last year Polaris Industries sponsored my team, ya that’s what I was thinking why the hell would you put your faith, your Company name and everything you built behind Me a 50 year old guy that has never really raced anything ? well they did and when they released the 2016 Polaris RZR XP Turbo they Invited me to the release in Las Vegas and asked me If I wanted one to race ? how freaking special is that ? now you guys have to understand im 99.99999% sure they didn’t think I was stupid enough to Risk a season of racing and Being the Current 1900 Pro UTV Class points leader on a new untested as far as Racing is concerned machine as we all know that taking anything and Driving it as fast and as hard as you can none stop 545 Miles thru the most brutal terrain in Nevada will break anything and everything it can… Can you say Death Valley, Area 51, miles of burning hot, desolate Valleys, sand washes and barren waste land that is so remote they tested the first atomic bombs in the area because they knew nobody was stupid enough to ever journey into the area.

Well im sure they didn’t want nor think that somebody could build a competitive desert race car out of one of their brand new just released Turbo RZRs in 12 days and even if they could if a person was stupid enough to do that and they broke down 50 miles in the race it wouldn’t exactly be good for new car sales and I had that in the back of my mind when I told my Team at the shop we had less then two weeks to turn a stock RZR into a race car and throw caution into the wind again and race it with no spare parts 545 miles from Vegas to Reno
As we started the build and posting up a few pictures of our progress I was expecting a call from somebody at Polaris asking me what the hell I was doing and why would I risk everything on a new untested machine ? but that call never came and all I could think about was the new turbo machine was faster and I wanted to go faster. I also knew it was the next step of progress of all that they had learned thru the years and not JUST a faster more powerful machine but a complete upgrade of all the systems in the RZR that made it better, Better transmission, better brakes, clutchs, engine, the whole package

The Build

So anyhow I asked my two main fabrication guys Eric “Boner” Ringler and Craig Hammar if they could get it done ? really I told them here its is and I want it done in 10 Days and after getting the machine at 4:30 Pm they had it tore down into piles of parts scattered about our shop floor the first night, the next day I started making Phone calls to all the people that support our Team, Like Dan Fisher from lonestar racing asking him if he could build me custom axles in a week and if he had a spare racing fuel tank laying around and he said yes yes and yes, my guy from Fox Racing Shox Yes Yes and Yes, my guy from Rigid Industries LED Lighting Yes Yes and Yes, Method Wheels, ITP Tires, Wolf Designs, Crow Racing Harnesses, Impact Racing, PCI Race Radios, UPR racing supplies, SDHQ, everybody I called was there for us Making it happen it was The Team making it happen not me but the amazing people we work with making our problem there problems and getting it done for us. Thank You all so Much

Well we got it done and started loading our two chase trucks because we had to pull out the next morning for the 6 hour drive to Las Vegas for Tech inspection and contingency and the to the 5PM Drivers Meeting and yet even more another 2 hour drive to the starting line and the hotel we spent the night at the Death Valley Inn

The next morning is Race Day and Im thinking we will be off the starting line around 11:30 am but they want us to line up at 8:30 am lol so we can sit in the sun and cook in our full Fire race suits and knowing better I pull over to the staging area around 10 am and yep you guessed it sit in the sun cooking and sweeting till we leave the starting line right around 11:30
Yes we are off and running and the new car hauls ass we pass 2 or 3 cars in the first 10 miles and then our first problem is realized I had the guys set up the ride height a little lower for this race as last year it wasn’t to ruff but this year 250 other race cars and trucks started ahead of us and have worn huge deep rutts in the race course so our car is dragging it belly and bottoming out all over the place I tell Boner he needs to call the chase truck in Pit 1 and tell them they need to jack up the car and adjust the shocks so the car rides higher and he does, well about the time he gets done with that the car engine has overheated and we have to pull over to let it cool down, you see when we built the race car we had to modify the cooling lines and added a front bumper and lights to the front of the car in front of the radiator and turbo intercooler thus slowing down air flow to and thru the radiators so I also tell him to call to the pits and tell them to pull off the front lightbar hoping that would help it was 110 degrees out in the shade and we had to keep pulling over to let the car cool down and as we set on the side of the race course watching all the other racers drive by us we knew the mistakes we had made pretty quick

We made it to the first pit loosing at least 30 minutes and the changes helped a lot we where off and hauling ass again and when I could keep the car cool we would fly past the competition but in the 2 to 3 foot deep silt beds and deep sand and gravel the temps would still climb on the car and we had to pull over and let them pass us back and at this point I figured we just had to deal with it as we knew we had screwed up and didn’t have the tools or parts to fix it at this race

So we raced on having to take it easy on the gas pedal but even with that we slowly started gaining ground we also had a couple of problems with our rear aftermarket axles that slowed us down when we hit a large washed out section of road doing about 70 mph and when we pulling into the pits we had a problem removing the CV cup from the transmission to install a spare
Our chase pit crew was on the spot getting everything fixed as fast as they could while fueling our car with gas, fixing problem, feeding us and giving us drinks at the pits
We had one flat tire and Boner jumped out making quick work of it changing it out and I had told Boner I was going to race all 545 of the race myself with him as my navigator but if I did get wore out I was going to get out and have him get in the drivers seat with Craig as his navigator because Craig was the Navigator during the second half of the race last year and Im sure Boner was excited about it because in the last year and a half I had never let him drive he had always been my navigator well as his luck would have it around 10 PM race mile 400ish I told him I was ready to get out I had had enough and even my teeth hurt and he said his neck was sore I told him I would call on the radio and have Drew and Craig finish the race when all of a sudden he piped up with “oh my neck don’t hurt that bad” as we chuckled I knew after building me the best race rzrs over the last year he wanted nothing more then to get in the drives seat and show us how he could shine and I told him take it easy as there is nothing more important the getting this car across the finish line

As we rolled into the pit at race mile 410 I climbed out of the car cutting my finger and now bleeding all over the place Boner and Craig took off into the darkness it had cooled off a lot and we were able to drive harder and faster the next race update I got was we were in third place and I was so excited Boner and Craig had to pull over a few more times to cool down but it seemed as they where staying in third place and I thought to myself how fucking cool is that building a race car in 12 days and we going to podium the race little did I know their where two cars infront of us that trackers didn’t work so we where really in 5th place as I walk up to the finish line in the dark I thought it was our car sitting their but as I got closer I realized it was Jagged X while it took a few minutes for that shit to sink in our car crossed the finish line in 5th place

Im still super happy with the 5th place finish and my awesome Team that make it all possible and as it turned out I think we held our lead in the points race for the end of the season
In all reality How cool is even finishing a 545 Brutal off road race that rattles, shakes, pounds, and beets to death over half of the machines that start the race !!!!!!!!!

Congrats to all the racers and teams that took on Vegas To Reno !

Thank You Polaris RZR, UTV INC, Lone Star Racing, Method Wheels, ITP Tires, Wolf Designs, Rigid Lights, UTV Underground, Mad Media and everybody else that plays the tiniest part in our race program. Without you we wouldn’t be racing!

And a Special shout out for the help from Marc Burnett and Branden Sims

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2015 Score Imperial Valley 250 Race Report

Score International Imperial Valley 250 – Johnny Angal #1921 – Polaris RZR XP Turbo


Let’s see where do we start? … We just raced the new Polaris RZR Turbo car at the Vegas to Reno Race and finished in 5th place. We had some problems with our aftermarket axle shafts we had made as we had measured them wrong. We also had some problems with the car running hot during extreme racing conditions, in extreme heat, mainly caused by our choice of light bar and bumper placement. So preparing for this race we had some problems to address. Lots of testing and for the most part we didn’t change too much.

We have to load up and head out at 5am on Thursday for the race that is on Saturday as we want to pre-run the race course. We also have to have our chassis inspected by the Score International Race Officials.

Pre-running goes great and we load the race RZR back up and head back to town. It was around 110 degrees out and I’m starting to feel it. Yah, and all you retards that say ‘but hey you’re from Arizona you’re used to it?’ Not really… I have air conditioning in my cars, trucks, house, garages, office, yah you get the point now right? Running across the desert for hours with a full face helmet on sweating your ass off kind of sucks.

We head over to tech inspection and everything goes well. We don’t pass tech because our rear chase lights are not wired to come on with our battery switch. Eric or as we call him, Boner, pulls the dash apart and rewires it to work as they want it and we pass.

Friday rolls around and we want to do a little more work on the car so we head back out to the pits on the race course to work on it. Did I mention it’s really, really, freaking hot outside? We get everything done we want and head back to the hotel around 2PM to clean up for dinner. Tomorrow is race day and we need to be at the starting line around 5am. Thinking about it, did you know it was 88 degrees at 5am? Yah, I know silly. Its brutal enough in an off road race car without having to deal with summer heat that is going to be around 110 during the day without wearing a race fire suit and a full face helmet.

So race day is upon us and we are at the starting line. We put our helmets on and turn on our PCI Race AIR that blows air into our helmets during the race to keep us cool and keeps our helmets pressurized so they don’t fill up with dust. Yep, you guessed it, when Boner rewired the lights he did something wrong with the wiring and now we have no Race Air. As we pull up to the starting line with our heads already starting to sweat I beg and plead with Boner as he fiddles behind the dash looking for a loose wire. We are 2 to 3 minutes from starting the race as he unbuckles his harnesses, unhooks his air hose, unhooks his radio communication wires and flips upside down with his helmet still on. He slides his helmeted head under the dash, yes an amazing feat only bettered by a person that can dislocate their arms and legs and get in a suit case. So as we are now 1 minute from the start line he can’t find it. He flips back over, gets buckled back in just in time for the green flag to drop and we are off! The Turbo car is fast, its amazing fast. If you don’t have one don’t drive one because if you do, like me you never want to go back. The car is hauling ass as we slip and slide thru the dirt and off the jumps. It brings a huge smile to my face and I instantly am overcome by the Turbo Endorphins that rush thru my veins we pass three cars in the first 10 or so miles. The car is running cool and fast. As I passed the last car I was going a little too fast. The front tires hit a lip a little hard and when I got back in the gas something just was not right. The car was shaking and growling as I feared the worst. We pulled over and Boner jumped out to look over everything. We couldn’t see any problems so he jumped back in and I took off with that same feeling of ‘I’m screwed, something isn’t right.’ We came up to a road crossing and pulled off the course to start looking the car over. We discovered we had broken BOTH rear axles and that was a first. I had never broke both at the same time. We radioed for our pit crew but couldn’t reach them so we called the “Weather Man”. Weather Man aka Bob, is a guy who on race day will set up 2way radio antennas with the most powerful and bad ass radios money can buy. He takes those radios and his team of guys to the highest mountain peaks around the race course and will brave freezing cold, sleet, hail, snow, heat and sit on those mountain peaks for days relaying information to injured racers, race teams, ambulances, rescue helicopters etc. all to help us racers out during a race. I can’t imagine how many lives this guy has saved over the years. Anyway, he relayed information to our pits telling them we needed two rear axles and telling them somebody would stop by our pit pick them up and bring them out to us. We waited for what seemed like forever and a day but finally another racer in a RZR #1980 Webster, I think, pulled up and handed us our axles. Thank you so much for the help! We got the axles installed and fixed our PCI race air wiring during that downtime as well. We jumped back in the car and we were racing again! We knew we would not be winning this race but we were back in the game, charging hard and loving every minute of it.

Around race mile 55 in a sand wash we see some commotion in front of us with a guy waving us down. We stop and it’s our buddy Cory Sappington. He says ‘Will you call for help? This guy is hurt bad! Get us a helicopter out here!” So I jump out and Boner gets on the radio to call Weather Man yet again. He tells him we have a rider down who is injured bad and needs medical assistance at race mile 55. You see, what had happen was, a guy on a motorcycle had crashed hard and Cory was the first one on the scene. So he stopped to check on the guy, realizing the guy was in bad shape he flagged us down as well as a couple more UTV racers that stopped to help. If it wasn’t for Weather Man I am telling you we would have been there for hours trying to get help. But when we called him he was all over it contacting medical and race ops to get us help when we needed it. Thank you so much for all you do Weather Man!

After the medics arrived we jumped back in the car and got back in the race. Maybe going just a bit slower realizing that could have been us. We raced on into the beating broken dessert woops, sand, silt, cliffs, hills, etc. This course had it all, maybe a little too much but we charged on.

So around race mile 75 is where our remote Pit Crew are stationed in case we need to do any repairs to the car. The car is running great so we call and tell them we are at race mile 70 and we will not be stopping. Well low and fucking behold they say “Um… well Team RZR Jagged X stopped by our Pit and dropped off a battery with us. They asked if you could drop it off to them as they are broken down in the desert and 8 miles up the race course.” I know this is a long race report, but this is ludicrous “Oh yah, yah, the team I am racing against for season points championship wants me to take the time to stop and pick up a battery and take it to their race car so they can continue to race against me in this race?” What are you deranged, wacky, and nutty? So they want me to stop and help them beat me? Yah, think about that for a second… What would you do? Stop or race past them and give them the finger? Oh damn what should I do? I stop to get the battery and pass up the two cold bottles of water my brother is trying to hand me so I don’t lose any more time just so I can instead haul one of my fiercest competitors ace in the hole! Boner tells me “Damn this battery is heavy!” I tell him toss it out the window, he laughs and we charge on. As we come up on them (Jagged X) Branden’s co driver Blake starts to walk out to us and I floor the car and fly past them giving him the finger! I love it! He looks bewildered as all get up! Then I slam on the brakes and Boner hands them the battery. By now you are thinking this race report is over right? LOL. Not by a long shot, go grab another beer and I will wait for you to get back.

Ok so we are only about ten miles from finishing our first lap of two. The car is running great and the course is a little smoother so we are hauling ass! We get to the infield that has some huge jumps and whoop sections. I hit the first jump easy and I think to myself that was weak! So yes, you guessed it, I fly around the next corner and hit the next jump going even faster! I think ‘ah not bad, not bad.” I was trying to stop the little devil in my head saying ‘Don’t be a pussy Johnny, let’s get some air time! There are people watching!” I listen to him and I floor the car! The turbo winds up and we hit the lip of the jump and its straight up. We go sailing thru the air, my car is like an eagle flying thru the air. Then just as we start coming down all the parts and tools and junk that are littered in the car starts floating off the floor. Boner and I are experiencing near weightlessness as if we are in outer space. The front of the car starts nosing down to the ground I hear Boner start mumbling and cussing and I think to myself this is not go to turn out well. Maybe I should just call Weather Man right now on the radio and ask for help and rescue crews! About that same time the front bumper of our car starts penetrating the compacted earth. I hear Boner cussing and I’m praying ‘Dear Lord etc. etc.’ this is going to hurt! As the car goes deeper into the dirt and then slides across the finish line on the front bumper with our rear tires up in the air! Yep, Boner is still taking shit as some miraculous force comes into play and the back of our car starts dropping back to the ground like it’s supposed to be. I think ‘Holy shit! Hhhhoooollllllllllllyyyyy shit, wow!” Boner starts saying “Holy shit, I smashed into this and that and this happened!” So I floor the car and take back off knowing full well I had just done a really stupid thing. It was one of those ‘hey buddy hold my beer and watch this’ moments but I hadn’t even been drinking! Anyway our pit was just about a mile up the road and we had to stop and get fuel for the second lap. As I pulled in my guys all had puzzled looks on their faces. We come to a stop and they ask what the hell happened to the front of the car? Now you have to understand Boner and I can’t see the front of the car so I just kind of shrugged it off. Boner was still mumbling and cussing as the guys tell me “You aren’t going anywhere! The whole front of the car is smashed and the radiator is smashed and leaking!” So I get out of the car and take a look. Holy shit everything is smashed, bent, tweaked and radiator fluid is pouring on the ground. The cooling fan is broken and one of the guys says something dumb like “this race is over”. I tell him get the Sawzall out and cut all that shit off, put in a new radiator and fan to finish the race. So we do just that. We cut everything off, fix the cooling system the best we can and I tell Boner he car drive the second lap with Craig as his co-driver because really I am thinking there is no way in hell this car is going to make it around for another 96 mile lap. Well, Boner and Craig made it to the finish line and still in 4th place. Not a bad finish for the day we had!

Happy Racing hope you enjoyed the recap!

I would like to extend a thank you to all of the people that support us:

Polaris RZR, ITP Tires and Wheels, Lone Star Racing, Fox Shox, Rigid Industries, Method Race Wheels, PCI Race Radios, Wolf Designs.

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2015 BITD Blue Water Desert Challenge Race Report

POLARIS RZR XP TURBO – Blue Water Desert Challenge  – Team UTV INC ITP Tire Race Report


So this was the seventh race of an eight race series. Going into it we were first in points with two races to go! A couple of months ago I really didn’t expect, nor care that much about a Championship but now it’s in the back of my mind. With that being said I retired my Baja 1000 winning Polaris RZR XP 1000 4 and built a new Polaris RZR XP Turbo 2 seater. The new RZR XP Turbo has more power, Polaris upgraded pretty much the whole drive train to handle more power and off road abuse. I was really after the increased horsepower and it has more or less paid off. We are still at the top of the point’s battle and have over 1000 ass beating, scorching heat, and extremely brutal race miles thru some of the nastiest, barbarous terrain on Earth at race speeds on the new car and it just keeps going and going strong.

This race is a two days event with racing 76 miles each day. They combine the total time from both days and determine the winner. Our class (Class 19) starts with 24 UTVs. We start this race 2 at a time side by side. I start someplace around 9th so there are approx. 18 racers starting in front of me. Boy let me tell you we are off the starting line and we beat the car that we start next to into the desert. About a half mile into the race we are in pretty much a dust fog so thick that at times we cannot see the ground in front of our car.


No, I am not making shit up, when I tell you we could not see the race course in front of us Ray Charles or Helen Keller could have passed right next to us and we would have never seen them either. We do what we do and brave the darkness and race on. Oh every once in a while it would get a little lighter and we could see maybe a couple of hundred feet but when you’re trying to race a couple of hundred feet is a blink of the eye. In one straight section we can see a couple of hundred feet so we are probably running around 60 MPH and out of the dust we see a huge whoop section right in front of us. I don’t even have time to get on the brakes and we hit them hard and fast. The first one sends the back of the car ten feet in the air, we are praying again, and I am pretty sure Boner is mumbling nonsense into the intercom system again. Well that same thing happens to us two more times before the car slowed down enough to settle down and for me to count off a couple of ‘hail Marys’ and ‘amen’ on the rosary beads. I think at that point I told Boner I think we should just slow down and try and finish this race. That was the same ol’ lie I always say. I want to go fast and don’t have a lot of self-control with the race part of my brain. Now we are not much more than 15 miles into this race and I see lights coming behind me so I pull over so they can pass us. We get right back into the race but we end up with an occasional metal on metal clanking sound coming from the back of the car. We kind of take it easy and just cruise around the race course even slowing occasionally for a photo op and to check out the river!

Day one is over and we move up to 9th place overall from our starting place of 18th. We get the car back to the pit and prep it for the next day. We are still trying to figure out what the clanking sound is but we don’t come across anything.


Day two is upon us and we are starting 5th off the line and next to the world famous race team of ‘Jagged X’. These guys have won so many races and championships it’s crazy. Green light and we are off hauling ass and making up time. The first two laps go great, it is really dusty again and even rougher out due to the other 100 or so race cars that raced after us on Saturday. Then all of a freaking sudden that noise, yah ‘that noise’ that makes you think the car is going to fall apart and stop moving right now! I ease back into the gas and we keep moving. We have 25 or so miles to go so like the day before we kind of take it easy the rest of the race. We don’t mind because nobody is catching us and we feel we are running in the top of the pack. Although we want to finish on the podium we know this is desert racing and a top five is just what it sounds like. You never hear anybody asking anything besides ‘hey who won that race?’ yah, nobody is sitting around the camp fire saying ‘hey, who came in fourth place at that race?’ Oh well, it was overall a great race with no axle problems, no broken belts, no flat tires, no real damage to anything but my ego. Hey, you know what is really funny? You know that clanking noise was that we slowed down for that probably cost us a podium at this race? Yah, it was a spare rear radius rod that we carry on the car… so has it that one of the mounting tabs that holds it on our rear bumper had broken and the 24” long piece of steel was just clanking and bouncing around on the back of the car. Well as of right now we are Race Prepping the car for the Baja 1000 and almost done. We have pulled the Transmission Inspected it and Reinstalled it, Inspected the Primary and Secondary Clutch’s and they look great, Engine is running strong, we still need to pull the front differential and inspect it but everything is looking great and Ready to Race.
As always a huge thank you to the guys at our shop and pit crew.

Thank YOU all so much for your support.


Polaris RZR
Fox Shox
ITP Tires
Method Race Wheels
Rigid Industries
Lonestar Racing
Mad Media and
Wolf Designs
CR Designs

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2015 Score Baja 1000 Race Report

Baja 1000 Polaris RZR ITP Tires Race Report – Team UTV INC – Johnny Angal


Well as most of you know the last 6 months have be pretty much a whirlwind of new car builds. First with the new 2016 Polaris RZR XP Turbo (2 seat) that we built in 11 days. We raced it in 3 races, all resulting in top 5 finishes during that time. We also bought another chase truck (#3) and a new flatbed trailer. We are planning on racing the new Polaris RZR /Geiser Brothers spec Trophy Truck next year in Baja and the RZR in the BITD races. So my Team here at UTV INC had an overwhelming task ahead of them for the Baja 1000. Then Polaris released the NEW Polaris RZR Turbo 4 and I had to have one! So I threw that on the guy’s plate also. They had pretty much 2 weeks to build the best, latest, greatest UTV to be racing in the desert. On top of the normal build we also wanted to change some things and add some things that we thought would make it the most capable UTV racing period.

So, I was asking way too much from my guys here but also felt confident that if anybody could make it happen, Boner and Craig would get it done. They never let me down. So we plug away and we get the car built. We get Brandon Sims and Jake Carver on board to race as drivers with us and Nate to co-drive with Branden Sims. As race day approaches I tell Branden he needs to get together with Jake and go down to Baja and pre-run their sections because I just don’t have the spare time to prerun. I need to stay at the shop and make sure things come together. I even offer up to pay 100% of the prerun costs but due to whatever reason they just can’t get it done.

Now with that being said, sure you don’t have to pre run to win a race, but I feel it’s an advantage that you must take. This isn’t UTV Racing in 2008 where 2 to 7 UTVs line up at the starting line and take it easy on equipment for 1000 miles. This is 2015 with some bad ass competition having years of racing and chasing experience in Baja. We are using equipment with 140+ Horsepower, Fox Internal Bypass Shocks, ITP Tires and such that allow us to reach speeds in the area of 90 mph across the roughest terrain in the world. Our main objective is keeping the car moving and staying alive. If you think you are fast, there is always somebody faster. So if given the opportunity to do something you can to be better, you take it!!!

I normally start the race but I’m going to wait till race mile 585 to get in the car. I know I don’t have time to prerun but I have raced and prerun most of the course from San Felipe to the finish line this year.


The build goes well with the new Polaris RZR Turbo 4 but we are crunching to get everything done the night before we are supposed to head to Baja. The car has 1 mile on the odometer just like when it came off the delivery truck. We really don’t have any time to test but we are pretty confident we know what we are doing. We have had great results with the Polaris RZR XP Turbo 2 seat car we built and raced over 1000 miles.

Loaded and ready at 5 AM and off to Ensenada. We have 14 guys, 4 chase trucks, 2 trailers, 1 race car and 1 Polaris RZR XP 4 1000 we will use in the event of having to get to the race car in a remote part of the race course. We think we have a pretty good plan, race radios in chase trucks, spare parts, spare tires, spares of everything and then some. We have 4 satellite phones for the race car and the chase trucks, oh shit… we have 1 race car and 4 trucks. I panic, I forgot to order a satellite phone for Brandon’s chase truck! I quickly realize his truck will only pit the car once and then be following the race car and 1 of my chase trucks across the peninsula so they should have radio communications 90% of the time.

We stop for breakfast in Yuma and cross the long way to Ensenada via Mexicali and around 2 PM we are unloading the new race car for tech inspection. We pass fine and head over to the hotel and drive around looking for a safe spot to park 4 trucks with trailers. Finally Juan Carlos with Baja Voyager comes out to the street, introduces himself to me and tells me we can park in his reserved spots and he will also have his guys watch our stuff all night!! Thank you so much Juan Carlos!!

We check in, get in the always scary elevator, kind of worse than the one at the Tower of Terror at Disney Land but we make it to our rooms. Yeah that elevator is some pretty sketchy shit but if you ever want an uneasy feeling check into room 410, LOL. You can lay in the bed and feel the whole freaking hotel shake all night long.

Up early so we go back to the beach to go over the race car one more time. My buddy Rodger who has flown in from North Carolina to hang out and help us goes over ever nut and bolt on the car for 3 hours. The Sims crew has been missing for about 2 hours and they tell us they went to get their 2 way radio reprogrammed with a UTV INC race channel, bad thing is they have no GPS in their truck and a GPS is a MUST have for chasing in Baja!

I tell Brandon, Nate and Boner lets go prerun the first 30 miles and see how this car is going to work. I take off with Brandon following and the car is a little slow but running fine. It seems the further we go as the motor breaks in the faster it gets and that makes me feel a lot better. Prerunning is done so we go back, load up the cars on the trailer and head over to registration. All goes and I knock out a fast interview, the guys interviewing me tell me “I tell it as it is” and he wished more people had a little more gusto. We are off to the new hotel, I ask Sims if he will go to the 7 PM drivers meeting and we will go find and check in to the next hotel as well as get everything loaded in the right trucks for race day. LOL. Speaking of right trucks I now have three and they are chase 1-2-3. 1 has the black logo on the door, 2 has the silver logo on the door and three has gold logo on the door. That is also the order I bought them in. But who fucking cares right? So my guys renumber them at will and fuck everything up. So think about it, our satellite phones are numbered to go with the trucks, our SPOT trackers are numbered to go with the trucks, and the whole race plan is numbered to go with the trucks. However If you pick up my freaking cell phone and call ‘Chase Two’ they will tell you “Sorry this is Chase One.” LOL flipping dorks remembered two trucks but not the rest of the system!!


Anyway, race day is why you are all reading this right? That’s all you really are wondering about right? What the hell happened at the race Johnny!?!?!?
Race day we are starting fifth off the line with Brandon Sims driving and Nathen McFarland sitting right seat. Chase 1 and 4, or maybe its 2 and 4, head down the coast. Chase Two is pitting at race mile 200 and Chase Four is pitting at the driver change at race mile 350. Branden and Nate will get out and Jacob Carver and Craig Hammar will get in. They are in Chase 3 and 2, or maybe its 3 and 1, anyway they will head to race mile 27 leaving town to make sure all goes well with the start. We won’t be needing to be there until race mile 585 which is 4-5 AM where Boner and I will get in to finish off the race. We are feeling really good about the speed of the new Polaris RZR XP Turbo car and our upgrades so we drop off Brandon and Nate, get them in the car they head to the staging area. We head to race mile 27ish for the drive by and we hear them call on the radio UTV INC race is off the starting line. A little while later they fly past us and report the car is running great and we are now already in 3rd position! Now they have to meander through the desert and back over to the coast. We’re Chase 3, and yah I’m not sure, 1 and 2 head down to the gulf side. I get to race mile 585 and set the truck up for the night and chase whatever truck goes down to Cocos corner around mile 525 to fill the car with fuel and fix anything that is needed when the race car comes across the peninsula. Before the guys are supposed to pit at race mile 200 we get a call that our auxiliary lighting is not working on the car so we brain storm. It could be this, it could be that, check this, check that etc. etc. About 30 minutes later we get a call that the silt was so bad it had covered the lights 100% and so thick that no light was emitting from them.
Also around race mile 170 we get a call and we are now leading the race, awesome!! Brandon keeps charging hard, he gets a flat tire and after a quick tire change they stay in the lead. They take the car to race mile 350 where they get out and Jacob and Craig get in. The chase crew changes another flat they got in the silt beds, a bent radius rod, an axle change due to a tore boot, air filter and they have to blow out the radiator due to it being plugged by some of the worst silt beds in Baja’s history.

They get the pit done and they take off still in the lead. Around race mile 440 they break one of our long travel, aftermarket axle shafts and as the car bounces up and down the broken end of the shaft repeatedly punches holes through our frame and into the stock transmission until it breaks the transmission case and they lose all the gear oil as well as the main ring gear drops out of its pocket and starts eating our transmission like its nothing.

No problem, right? We are prepared for these kinds of unnatural disasters. Jeremy and the chase team in Chase One have everything they need to get us up and running. Brandon’s Chase truck number 4 is also following the car down the coast, so we will get this fixed in a couple of hours and get back in the race no problem.

Wrong, wrong, wrong!!! Full on Ringling Bros Barnum Bailey Circus commences but without the big top. Yep, you guess it, I’m the ring leader! Get a load of this shit, yup, go get another beer and some snacks this shit will blow your mind!


Chase Truck 1 has my Polaris RZR XP4 1000 on a trailer behind it for this type of situation. Sims, Chase 4, should be no more than 30 miles down the highway to be able to get back to the race car and make repairs. Jeremy unloads the chase RZR about 25 miles from the race car. He grabs tools, jacks, transmission, axles, etc. and jumps in the Chase RZR to make his way through the darkness to the race car with the parts. Guess what? I forgot to tell them to fill up the Chase RZR with gas after we went prerunning so he can’t even get to the car, great. I also forgot to carry spare gas in the truck for reasons like this. I’m a dumbass! Jeremy heads out and buys 5 gallons of gas from the guys at MAG 7 pits. Thank you so much! He gets out to the race car and Craig and Jacob almost have the transmission out of the car with the tools they have in the race car. They can’t go any further because we don’t have the Torx wrench that is required to remove the transmission/engine plate in the car. Yeah, really… Jeremy does not have one either. So he heads back to the truck and when he arrives he realizes he will not have enough fuel to get back to the race car. Oh yea, really. Our chase truck 4 never arrives because they forget they are a chase truck and are supposed to be following the race car and they headed over the one way road as soon as Brandon was done racing. So we really could have got away with not having that truck at all. Well as Lady Luck would have it Jeremy has to load the Chase RZR back up and head to the nearest gas station to get fuel. Low and behold there is one right around the corner! NO, NO, NO, not really. There is not a 7-11 on every corner! We are in Baja Mexico and the closest gas station is two and a half hours away, one way!!!! So yes, I know you just read that again and yep it is still a 5 hour round trip for gas. So somehow they broke down around 2 AM and 12 hours later they were just getting the race car back to the chase truck. Sad thing about all of this is the guys in Chase Truck 4 that pretty much abandoned the race car and the other chase crew had 5 gallons of gas in the gas jug sitting in the back of their truck. That 5 gallons of gas would have allowed the chase RZR to get back to the Race RZR to make the repairs and finish the race. Anyway, around 5 PM the chase truck with the broken race car arrives and we head to San Felipe for the night. Our race has long been over.

Now with less than two weeks we need to do a major rebuild on the race car to repair all the damage from the broken axle shaft. We need to make new body panels and get a new window net made as somebody slide the car into a tree in the silt beds. We also need to install a new transmission, install new axles, etc. etc.


We have had a pretty shitty year with aftermarket broken axles and we are now working with some of the top tier companies in the business to figure out these issues. I want axles that will survive a race. We have learned a lot and will be implementing all we can into our race efforts in Score and Best In The Desert. We have one more race next week to finish out the year, wish us luck and Happy Holidays!

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2015 BITD Henderson 250 Race Report

Well, who would have thought? Team UTV INC just pulled off another amazing feat. We led the Class 1900 UTV season points battle all year and just won the ‘2015 Class 1900 Championship’ in our Polaris RZR!


First off, I’d like to say thank you to all the bad ass guys racing against us, you rock! I’m not saying we are the best but I know how hard it is to even finish a race! When we first started racing a year and a half ago, we had no clue as to if we would ever win a race. We stacked our team with some of the best in the business. Companies like us that are always striving to be the best! Polaris Industries, jeez, what can I say about our RZR Team? They have supported me from the start! Building the best UTV’s in the business. I knew if I was going racing that I wanted to be racing a Polaris. Congratulations and thank you to everybody at Polaris Industries that has made Polaris the top company in the world for UTV’s and SXS’s. What has blossomed in to a American corporate power house, owning top brands such as RZR, Ranger, Victory Motorcycle, Indian Motorcycle, Slingshot and the list goes on and on. These guys are killing it, even producing vehicles for our United States Military. Thank you all so much!

2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com1691 2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com1771 2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com1701

ITP Tires was again behind us 100% for racing in 2015. We might not have even been in the race if we had gotten a flat tire! Thank you for the support in 2015 and thank you again for helping us to win the 1245 mile 2014 Baja 1000 race.

2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com041 2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com042

Fox Racing Shox, Thank you! Lots of great shocks being manufactured out there but thank you for taking the time to develop and tune shocks. This makes your shocks not just great but the best shocks in the industry. Your team is the reason I chose Fox Racing Shox for all my race, play and prerunning!

2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com043 2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com077 2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com078

LoneStar Racing, Thank you for putting up with all my bullshit and making us shine in the dusty desert. Because of you we have never not finished a race due to suspension failure!

2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com1141-650x433 2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com024 2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com039

Rigid Industries, Thank you for making sure the night is day so we can push the pace at all hours of the night!

Method Race Wheels, Thank you for supporting us and providing us with wheels that last during the test of time and the brutality of off road racing.

PCI Race Radios, Thank You for being part of our team and always going the extra mile so we can talk with our chase crews no matter where we are in the desert!

Pyrotech Fuel Cells, Thank you for keeping us safe and getting us that extra mile without fuel issues!

Wolf Designs – Jon and Amy, Thank you for making us look good even when we are doing bad! Thank you for going the extra mile and always getting us ready in time for the races.

Oh shit, how about that UTV INC crew? They built and supported 3, yes 3 … new Polaris machines in a 1 year period. I barely gave them enough time to figure out the ins and outs of 1 machine before asking them to build a new one! Props to the whole UTV INC crew.

Impact Racing, Thank you for the fire suits, helmets, Hans devices, gloves and especially for keeping us safe!

You see, I really had the smallest part in the racing program. They strapped my ass into the race car and told me to beat everybody else to the finish line while not destroying the car. You see this isn’t about me. It’s about the teams we have partnered with that got us a championship. I simply could not have done it without the support of everybody that helped me from day one. My friends, family, chase crews, Ford chase trucks, the media coverage and the haters that just pushed us to be better.

I would also like to thank the companies that for whatever reason things didn’t work out between us and we had to go a different direction. Walker Evans Racing supported us from the start but at the time didn’t have the wheel size I wanted so I had to go a different direction. Thank you and I am sorry.

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